Reconnecting to Our Joy…In Praise of Sitting

Time out of Time…Reconnecting to Our JOY

As artists, entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, and art-preneurs, we have the tendency to either procrastinate, or work until we drop. To avoid a decision or an issue, or to wrestle and wrastle and wreak havoc upon our brains and our senses until we do or do not find an answer, or a solution.

But can we think to much?

Perhaps what we tend to forget, is that our work  is creative, and inspired by the imagination. I have found that when dealing with imagination lock down,  brain drain, or creative blocks, one of the best things I can do is get the heck out of there.

By “there”, I mean the circular pattern created by going over and over the same issue to no avail, the overload that can happen with too much input, or the standstill that fear, resistance, aggravation or frustration can create.

When this happens, I have learned that if I can get myself the heck out of “there” and back into my joy, to the central passion that brought me into my endeavor in the first place, I can move through the challenges at hand with that much more grace,, joy, and fun, to say nothing of success.

Chihuly in yellow...ain't we got fun...

I betake myself to the source,  inspiration central: the Art Museum. Blessed to live and work near The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, The De Young and The Legion of Honor, in their magnificent natural locations, are a constant, offering up continual visual fare.  But here’s the thing: when I go to The Art Museum,  I rarely look at the “ART”, though fascinating, provocative, and inspiring art there is to be found.

Crushed Cans Creation

When I go to The Art Museum, (aka, The Art “Muse”),  I betake myself to the cafe, or the sculpture garden, or the patio, or the bench, and I sit.

I sit, often with eyes closed (nobody cares), and let my  mind simply drain away, basking in the warmth of absolute nothingness.  It’s a ready, set,  stop  kind of experience,  and when it can be achieved, it feels cleansing, rejuvenating,  divine. To  sit without anything required, even for a short time, can permit  the mind to unwind and  allow  insights, ideas and inspirations to reach the lizard  brain and break the gridlock.

Just to sit...

It can be difficult to allow oneself to do this, to take this “break”, but even a limited time of it can yield wonders. Give it a try. Find your own “inspiration central”, and go there for a time out of time. Just sit. Ask nothing of the experience. You stand to gain everything.

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  2. Debra,

    I stumbled on your site via Kelly’s blog. What a delightful post and how apropos! When I get blocked, I hop on the ferry and head over to Seattle. Somehow, it seems to make my phone ring for new business as well as prime the visual pump.

    I enjoyed looking at all your projects. Wonderful!

    • Hi Elizabeth!
      How wonderful to hear from you! I was aware of you and your lovely work through the delightful Kelly / also!
      Thank you for your comment. It appeared just as I was settling down to work on writing projects, Artissima blog post among them, (as a project I am working on with Kelly has put off for a day)! Small world, filled with synergy and serendipity, too.
      Have a wonderful time on the Seattle ferries- my sister who lives there uses them often!
      All the best,

  3. Debra – So wonderful to see that the official blogging has begun! I’m looking forward to reading all of your posts, and will surely add a link to Artissima on my site. I am pleasantly surprised to see that I played a role in connecting you, Debra, with another talented artist, Elizabeth!

    I think it’s very important to learn how to disconnect from time to time to recharge our creativity. I like to drive to the coast or get sunshine and exercise when I’m feeling stuck…or be creative in a way that isn’t completely connected to my professional work. (This gets difficult though, when you start to realize that everything IS connected in some way.) Taking photographs is a nice reprieve, as is cooking and baking. And yoga has been a great help, too. Helps me focus on all I have to be grateful for instead of all of the creative problems I might be having at the moment. Learning to quiet the mind on a daily basis is really key to keeping the creativity flowing.
    Thanks for sharing your process.

    • Kelly, I could not agree more.
      It helps when we support each other in taking that time “out”.
      I so enjoyed working with you, and appreciated seeing your design acumen in action with our recent Client.
      Lovely to connect to Elizabeth- thank you to!
      All the best!
      (PS- love the idea of baking as a time “out”- sounds delicious!)

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