Slowing it Down to Move it Forward

Slowing it Down to Move it Forward

It may feel counter-intuitive, but more and more often,  I find that the best way to move “it” (aka: life, work, even relationships) forward, is to slow down, perhaps even STOP, take a breath, look inwards, or outwards, rally my forces, or let it all go, for just a few moments.

Like the old story of the tortoise and the hare, sometimes,“slow and steady” really does do it.

Sometimes when we slow down, we a find that we actually reach our goal more quickly, exceeding expectations, and enjoying a richer, more luxuriant experience.

In business for ourselves as artists, we may worry, as we work on a project and  near  its completion, that we are not meeting our bottom line…that time is “getting away” from us, that we under bid, over worked, or otherwise miscalculated our efforts and agreed-upon compensation.

That is exactly the moment to  STOP, take a breath, recalibrate, recalculate. Of course we need to make a living, to  be aware of  our bottom line, and consider our contract. But, at the same time, if we allow that to get in the way of our soul’s delight in what we love to do, then the whole enterprise can fall into question.

Instead, we can learn the creative, artistic, and business  lessons that each job, each experience, and each project offers,  and especially in those last few hours, minutes, and moments of completion, take joy in what we do, while exerting our best efforts.

Because, sometimes we need to see the parts,

in order to appreciate the whole.

Sometimes we need to slow down, even STOP,

to get the shot, the concept,  the bigger picture, the Moment: something wondrous, wonderful, and unexpected.

Sometimes we need to STOP and observe, from our own vantage point, what is around us, and feel what is inside of us.

In order to make ourselves whole again, we may need to STOP  for a moment, to realize where we have come from, how far we have traveled, and where we are going.

In doing so, we may find that we have come

full circle.

If you have the Time, please STOP! and share some of your experiences slowing it down, to move it forward.

And thanks for visiting…we are all in this thing called Life, together.

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  1. This is a beautiful post! Thank You, Debra! This is what everyone should be doing….slowing down. Our society keeps moving faster & faster, multi-tasking, texting, driving while on the cell phone, fast food etc. It is simply, well…wrong. No wonder so many are on prescription drugs: anti-depressants, sleeping pills and all. Unfortunate in deed. Debra clearly understands the importance of really stopping to SEE, and FEEL. As a Buddhist we learn the importance of breath counting, focus, and of course, meditation. This is taking responsibility for oneself…no one can do it for you.

    Stress is a mind game and one must simply say NO. As self-employed artists it is sometimes very hard to realize that “YES, I control my schedule”. Period. If a project comes up that might have a time constraint, then perhaps the best course of action is either to NOT take the job, or get help, or something that will not put you in that stressful situation….so that you CAN slow down and do it right. I purposely avoid telling a client an exact completion date; I tell them they will need to allow for “artistic license”. That doesn’t mean I take the lazy way out; But I communicate the days I will not be there and try to stick to a 6 hour work day.

    But most of all, as a wall finisher, I so enjoy when I get totally involved in my work; when everything & everyone takes a backseat, and I am completely absorbed. This is also Zen.
    Doing one thing at a time, with total focus, precision, and at the right pace!
    In essence as Debra has stated beautifully…… SLOW DOWN!!!

  2. Julie, Thank you so much for taking this TIME to post your thoughts, ideas, and response to my post.
    I have found, more and more, that when I do take even that tiny bit of TIME to STOP- or at least slow down and recenter, that the results are inevitably positive. This holds for relationships/interaction with people too, but that is for another post!
    Until soon,

  3. wow- you have hit on an answer to a request I have had for some time. Being an easy going, excepting sort of person, I have been perplexed with my attitude when I am driving. I seemed to attract inconsiderate, unaware, unsafedrivers on the road around me every time I got behind the wheel. And of course I had to let the frustration out by calling them all sorts of names (to my ears only of course). Wow- that sure was my stuck in the muck-ness. After trying various things to not get so bothered by it all, I found myself being more mindful during the day to slow down and enjoy every moment. And I took this to the road as well. I intentionmally stayed the speed limit- letting every one whiz by me and unbelievably–I made it to my destination in a shorter amount of time—and I had only considerate, safe drivers on the road with me! I compare it to listening to hard acid rock vs classical music. It has been 4 months now and I am more at ease and never in a hurry and always in a great frame of mind. I also never hurry thru a paint job–I revel in the process and use it like a meditation. I find when my soul is filled, the $ takes care of itself.

    Wonderful thoughts in this artiocle , Deb! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Hi there Lyna!
    What you thoughtfully shared is a perfect example of “slow it down to move it forward” philosophy…thank you for posting your experience.
    We all need reinforcement, support, and reminding about this, as it is so easy to get into that “rushy rushy” state of mind…and inevitably, something seems to suffer, as opposed to the other way around!
    Bravo to you for safer, happier driving, and safer, happier, more harmonious life!

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