Our Color Daze: ColorPlay for EveryDay

Color Daze: ColorPlay for EveryDay

If you were trying to assign a color for each day…what would it be?

Cool Down with Seablue Pearl

In the heat of Summer, or in our case in the Bay Area, Fall…cooling down may take place in a seablue pearl guest room…and since you are the guest, you can relax, dreaming of sky and water.

Sunrise, Sunset...Shorter get the Daze...

Sunny days yield magnificent sunsets which burn into night. Tricky to create this purple sunset sky on the ceiling:  it has to be both soothing and stimulating for the little girl who inhabits this bedroom. Enjoy the days, and minimize the daze, please.

Color me Primary

We are blessed to experience beautiful, bright, crisp fall days here by the Bay…blue skies, liquid gold sunshine, sparkle, and the red edge of Autumn.  The primary triangle is everywhere we look,  filling us with restlessness and energy.  We know the earth is preparing for hibernation, but we feel crisp and alert.

Hallway Heat: Purple Can be Hot

We revel in the heat of Indian Summer, with its rich expression of color…golden sun, sinking into brilliant orange and then deeper purple, at the end of the day.  The air feels hot, and the colors seem to burn.  Our perception of color can actually cause us to feel a 5-7% degree of difference in our body temperature.  Color Power made manifest.

Hot Ceiling: Color Power

During conditions of  Rain, Fog,  Overcast… so common Ocean-side, we can use  some Hot Color to Warm us UP!

Compliments of Royalty

No accident that the complements of gold (yellow) and purple (violet) are the colors of royalty.  The juxtaposition of the complements does not lull us to sleep, it wakes us up, with a sharp edge of contrast: the zing of  citrus and the sweetness of plums.  Complementary couples, much like cymbals, clash together to “make a joyful noise”.  We are startled awake, and though the earth may be settling down  for a long snooze, we wake up,  we are enlivened,  we know we are alive.

Viva Les Colours!


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  1. Debra – forgive me, but I read your first sentence and got a little hung up there. Weird, but I actually do see the days of the week in color. Yep – a little synesthesia happenin’ there.

    Ok…on to the rest of your pics/post. Lovely! Especially this:
    “Complementary couples, much like cymbals, clash together to ‘make a joyful noise.'”

    • Loving your responses to my posts Kelly!
      I wanted to post my “ColorPlay for the Day” images I have been putting up on FB, and this seemed like a fun way to tie them together… cool (blues and greens?) that you see the days of your week in color- how fun would it be for you to tweet daily on that for awhile and share them…I would enjoy that! LOL, dd

    • We used ‘make a joyful noise” on our wedding invitation…I think it may be from the Song of Songs…have to check back!

  2. I love the way you use your finishes on all surfaces (floors, too?).
    It almost creates a “floating” environment. Extending the walls into the ceiling is a good idea, for being In the space totally. But Hey, how much fun is it to work on ceilings! For me: not much!– So, Good for you, up there on the ladders and scaffolds (baker staging?)

    • Hi Barbara,
      Thank you for your comment!
      Yes, ceilings are a challenge, and long live the chiropractor, who keeps all good things flowing! I have had several Clients who wanted walls and ceilings treated, and have done some floors too. Definitely a very physical process. All those years of dance, yoga and aerobics are coming in handy!
      All the best,

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