Niki’s Magical World

Niki’s Magical World

Queen Califia, I presume?!

Niki de Saint Phalle,  French sculptor, painter, and film maker,  was an amazing and inspirational female artist  of the 20th Century.  Born Catherine-Marie-Agnès Fal de Saint Phalle on 29 October 1930, she graced our world with her presence until 21 May 2002.  She continues to grace it still through her extraordinary works which live on in parks, plazas, gardens and public spaces, free for all the world to see, enjoy and celebrate.

Please feast your eyes on these glorious, texture and color-encrusted beings, photographed in Niki’s  Queen Califia’s Magical Circle, located in the Sankey Arboretum of Kit Carson Park, in the City of Escondido, near San Diego, CA. As stated on her website, the artist drew  much of its imagery from her interpretations of early California history, myth, and legend, Native Americans and Meso-American culture and the study of indigenous plant and wildlife. Bravo, Niki!

Approaching the Magic

Entering the Magical Circle


Beings of  the Circle



Myriad of Mosaics

Magnificent use of Materials

Radiant Color

A le prochaine  Niki…  Shine on…

Have you ever seen a real “Niki”?   What does her work say to you?

If you feel so inspired, share your response with us here.  We love to hear from you.

Remember, we are all responding to this thing called Life, together.

Listen “Charlotte Talks“…all about Nikki…her daughter and granddaughter share about this wondrous being… and prepare to be inspired!

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  1. Yes…I’ve seen a real Niki! I spent four years on the UC San Diego campus where the Sun God lives.I have to be honest, though, I never knew who the artist was when I was in school. (This was way before I got into art and design.) Although I wasn’t familiar with the artist, I did enjoy the Sun God sculpture. It was definitely a stop on every UCSD visitor’s tour…and always felt so “San Diego” to me. There’s even an entire music festival centered around the Sun God called, you guessed it – The Sun God Festival.

    Thanks for bringing light to Niki and her work.

    The Sun God again

    • Thank you Kelly…LOVE the photo of the Sun God! Adds yet more explosive warmth and color to the Niki pantheon! Sunshine to you! XXXdd

  2. Somewhat deviating from the topic, but I should add that the Sun God is part of a larger UCSD art collection called The Stuart Collection which, strangely enough, includes a pair of talking eucalyptus trees. They always freaked me out.

    • Wow. I have heard of Standford Campus’ New Guinea painted trees, but not the talking ones…sounds wild. I know a bit about Terry Allen, but must read up on this…Thank you, KB!

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