What Is Your M.O.?

What Is Your M.O.?

M.O. = Modus Operandi = Latin for “mode of operating” = method of operation = way of working = habits???

In other words, is there a method to our madness?

To me, the question of M.O. relates directly to the issue of motivation.

What makes us do what we do, and why do we do it, in a  particular way?  What motivates us?

This video, “The Surprising Science of Motivation” reveals that



and purpose

may have a lot more to do with our motivation…and thus, our M.O.  then we might think.

If  you feel so moved, give The Surprising Science of Motivation a listen and a look….

and share your reactions with us here.

We love to hear from you.

Remember, we are all motivating our way through this thing called Life, together.

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  1. Couple of examples. Two of my dearest friends have spent their lives (one’s mid 60’s the other is mid 70’s) pretty much ignoring technological progress and their computer illiteracy. Now they are both champing at the bit to turn that around. One because she is inspired to write a novel and wants to be able to make sure it doesn’t get lost in the machine and she can self-publish it or turn it into an ebook if that makes sense. The other wants to explore different ways of generating business and leveraging the internet to do so. They both have suddenly found a purpose for learning all the stuff that up till now has seemed superfluous to their everyday lives.

    For myself, if I don’t have a purpose for doing what I do that is greater than just doing it, then doing it is not really that exciting. Much as I love what I do, being creative merely for the sake of being creative holds as much attraction as contemplating my navel. And while giving pleasure to others through what I do provides a certain fulfillment, if I didn’t have a higher purpose beyond that it would be like: what’s the point? With the higher purpose of living a life without death at the end of it, what I do, the regular and consistent exercise of my creativity and motor skills, makes an essential contribution to the process of achieving that purpose.

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