An Amble through the Gamble

An Amble through the Gamble

The architectural brethren team of Greene and Greene, created (with the expertise of many) this magnificent Arts and Crafts masterpiece in Pasadena, Ca,  for the Gamble family, of Proctor and Gamble fame.  The Gambles lived there three months out of the year.

On Tuesdays, starting at 11:30am, you can bring a brown bag lunch to enjoy in the Gamble gardens behind the house, and then take a short (planned for 20 minutes!) tour of its first floor, for $5.00.

As many other of Pasadena’s wonders, such as the Norton Simon Museum, are closed on Tuesdays, this mini-tour is a wonderful option. And, the gardens are lovely…tables are set up for ease of dining.  Out tour was composed of several other travelers, passing though town.

An expanse of green/Greene lawn stretches between the main house and what used to be the garage, and is now

the wondrous bookstore.  Fascinating and beautiful both outside,

and in,  the temptation to browse for hours may very well descend upon you.  Delightful gifts may be found within its walls.

Indeed, the whole experience is a gift, one of many that Pasadena offers.

Stay tuned for the next post, in which I will share some of the marvelous architectural details  and accoutrements, of  The Gamble House!    Gambling on the Gamble…you can bet on it!!!

Have You ever visited The Gamble House, seen the work of Greene and Greene, or other Arts and Crafts buildings?

If so, please share about it with us here.  We love to hear from You.

Remember, we are all ambling and gambling our way through this thing called Life, together.  Happy Trails!

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  1. Oh, I’m so glad you had a chance to go there. My favorite was the big porch upstairs, where they would often sleep in the summer. Did you get to the museum as well? Isn’t Pasadena such a cool place?

    • Thank you EB!
      Yes, Pasadena has SOOO much to offer! We look forward to getting back there, and visiting the Huntington Library, and Norton Simon Museum, as well as more arts and crafts bungalows..among other things! We just saw the downstairs, as it was a mini-tour, but do plan to see the whole at a later date! Gorgeous, inspiring place!

  2. I have yet to get into Pasadena when I’m in the LA area, but I did visit the Greene and Greene house in Berkeley that is currently a fraternity house. My friend, Connie, is an Arts and Crafts admirer and took me by the home since it is one of the only ones in Northern California.

    • I would love to see that Marie! Can you share the address, or corner in Berkeley that it is on? Thank you for the tip…and glad that you got to see it! I know you will love seeing the Gamble when you get there…and all the other fabulous things Pasadena has to offer!

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