Compliments of the House…and Sky

Compliments of the House…and Sky

L.A.’s beach towns offer an abundance of local, architectural, and natural color.  Recently, I have noticed a predominance of the complimentary pair, blue and orange.  In architecture, the urban landscape, and nature, this pair dances together with energy and grace, delighting our eye, and enlivening all of our senses.  Check out the images below,  for a visual feast that will may leave you full, yet ready for more!

Compliments of Venice’s Abbot Kinney District.

Compliments of the streets of Santa Monica!

Compliments of the  Canal District of Venice.

Compliments of Nature, Marina Del Rey.

What color compliments have YOU noticed lately in your environment?

If you feel so inclined, please share about  them with us here.

We love to hear from YOU.

Remember, we are all complimenting this thing called Life, together!


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  1. Hi Deb,

    Love this article and the pictures are fabulous. I really appreciate your eye for noticing these color compliments…and I think that must be part of what makes going to a place like LA all the better. The amazing and surprising use of color!


    • I am glad you enjoyed the post Deb! Thank you for your comment. L>A. is full of variety, and visual surprises, and color is one of them! LA Stories to be continued!!!

  2. Isn’t it amazing the way nature (my mentor) always provide the perfect proportions of complements? As always, love tagging along in your visual romp! Thank you!

    • Thank you EB! Love your comments. The interface of nature with the (human-made) built environment, is also intriguing!
      All the best! You certainly have magnificent nature in your environment!

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