Pictogram II: Let There Be Light

Pictogram II:  Let There Be Light

Leaving the familiar and entering the journey can take many forms.

Sometimes the journey offers us a miracle.

Leaving home in the cold dark, I entered the airport as the light was beginning to show itself.

Upon entering the temple of SFO, a great  miracle happened.

A bright light appeared, and began to rise, getting  bigger and brighter.

Burning its way through the darkness, there came the sun,

casting a brilliant reflection of its own light on the plane  opposite.

It  continued to rise like a prayer,

or voices raised in hymn of praise,

 For the miracle of Life, Hope, Joy, Renewal, Moving Forward…or just,  Moving!


Wishing You and Yours Peace and Blessings this Holy Day Season.

May You move forward into the uncharted adventure of your greatest Dreams, Hopes, Joys, and Loves.


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  1. Hi Deb,

    This is one of the most beautiful blog posts I have ever “expereinced”! I am dazzled by your artistic eye and your ability to see the beauty in this moment. And what a significant message was created right before you and now everyone who reads this!!!



  2. Well, you know about this one, Deb!
    Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed the post.
    I hope it helps others move through this “dark” time of year…with brightness, even brilliance!
    Cheers, and, until soon!

  3. Ms. Disman … you have lifted my flagging spirits this evening.

    Being surrendered tot he flu virus — your coming of the light is just what I need to counter the inner malaise 😉

    … and a very Merry group of Holy Days to you as well my dear. I believe this evening is a full moon blessing on us all. xo Kate

    • Chere Kate…it is magical and marvelous to see your words on my blog! I am so glad to be of any service! Let there be light…in our bodies, minds, movements! Hugz…dd

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