Standing Our Color Ground IV

Standing Our Color Ground IV

Having completed a rather large and multifaceted color consultation for a set of two buildings anchoring opposite corners of a block in the “The Valley”, I decided to disseminate the experience, and its results through a series of blog posts.

I am completing the process with this post..which highlights some of my favorite details, architectural and otherwise, of  two buildings, one on either end of a median-sized block in Canoga Park, a district in the San Fernando Valley, about 25 miles northwest of Downtown LA.


Doors….the cool elegance of a front door, web4

verses the brighter warmth of unit doors.

web3   The personal statement of a windowsill-scape adds whimsey.


 Shifts of  color pull out window and balcony details.


A strong hue on a service door offers  visual way-finding, and pleasing accent,


wb1 while the softness of integrated colors is  accented by a hue less saturated.


The sides of a building flow with the colors and lines of trees, and bursts of foliage.

wb8 Variety in building materials and plants  creates layers of texture, sheen and hue,


bringing  it all together.

Harmony…that’s what we’re after..isn’t it?

Here’s wishing You harmony, beauty, peace, and prosperity…for the still New Year!

Blessings from Artissima…the blog of ArtiFactory Studio.

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  1. […] The building on the other end of the block, SONATA, is a different style, but  color design of the two buildings, including their interior courtyards, was done as one integrated job. […]

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