Color Blossoms: Pink

Color Blossoms: Pink

Well, strike me…pink!

WEBfleur3Putting the blossom back in blossom,,,these rich  blooms run from red to pink to purple.

webxThis blushing beauty is the essence of the pale pink rose. Wedding, anyone?

weboMysterious pink, verging on the purple.

Struck dumb by this pink beauty…webg1

webgAlmost red.

webnDeep pink, fading to the center…beautiful markings.

WEBfleur2Well, by rights, pink is “light” red. A tint of red…or, red with white added.

webwOur blushing beauty further on in her life cycle.

weby1The  joy of lushness.

What does “pink” mean to You?

What does pink “taste” like?

What is Your favorite hue of pink?

May You always be…”in the pink”!

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  1. Amazing photography!!

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