Happy Hunting: Treasures from the Happy Hunting: Treasures from The Huntington

Happy Hunting: Treasures from the The Huntington

The Huntington” (The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens) is a place to keep coming back to. After wanting to get there for over two years, a visit was finally made, and some of its treasures revealed. Revel in photographs, historical, over-sized and gilded books, Gainsborough’s “The Blue Boy”, and a quote from Susan B. Anthony’s great speech…it is all there, at The Huntington.

WEBbThis “Beverly Hills” is truly hard to believe…conjuring up visions of The Open Road…WEBa

WEBfTrue to life….WEBe

WEBdGilded Yosemite

WEBcA gathering of books in the Library

WEBuuThe Blue Boy“, by Thomas Gainsborough

WEBgSusan B. Anthony – 1873seen upon entering the Library

Susan B. Anthony - On Women's Right to Vote

Next up….painted, carved and otherwise gloriously adorned furniture!

Happy (treasure) Hunting!

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