Happy Hunting: Treasures from the The Huntington 2

Happy Hunting: Treasures from the Huntington Library 2

The Huntington” (The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens) is a place to keep coming back to. After wanting to get there for over two years, a visit was finally made, and some of its treasures revealed. Today we revel in the glories of furniture carved, painted, and upholstered to perfection!

WEBiiiThese look to me for all the world like two proper “sisters” decked out and dressed to the nines…but in perfect taste, of course. They are a…


WEBiHere’s a closer-up view..to show the incredible craftsmanship. Note the use of complimentary colors…the green of the upholstery contrasts with the reddish walls behind.


WEBijjThe Gothic Revival bookcase is rich with decorative detail, while its clean lines and shape give an architectural feel.

WEBijjjWe can see the age and weathering of the piece, like layers of history.

WEBlIf this piece was “perfectly restored”, it would not have the same feeling, or emotion. Here we can see the passage of time, though its beauty, artistry and design are timeless.

WEBkjjjjEvery area embellished, ornamented, adorned.

WEBkjRepeated use of line creates whimsical complexity

WEBkjjj“Art”, “Science”, “Commerce”, Literature”, “Music”, “Agriculture”





WEBq“…representing the medieval union of the liberal and mechanical arts.”

Indeed…Charles Locke Eastlake!


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