From Where They Sit….”Rosie’s Girls” Share Their Views

From Where They Sit….“Rosie’s Girls” Share Their  Views

I saw an amazing  exhibition at Santa Monica’s Bergamot Station Art Center this past Saturday, and  just had to share.

Rosie’s Girls“, Santa Monica exhibited chairs that they had both constructed and painted, along with poems the girls had written about themselves, and what thy saw “from where they sat”.  Fun, playful, moving, and inspiring, I photographed a number of the pieces, and present them here for your viewing pleasure. Goooo Girrrrrls!


WEB1What is “Rosie’s Girls“?  Think, “Rosie the Riveter“…

WEB2Who are “Rosie’s Girls“?

WEB4The inspirational chairs line the main  hallway in  building G, at Bergamot Station Art Center2525 Michigan Ave, Santa Monica, CA (310) 453-7535

WEB3Chairs as Art…Fine and Functional

WEBaWEBabWEBbWoman Power!

WEBcThe Fault in Our Stars

WEBdDash (?)

WEBeShe sees Birds


WEBgShe sees Popcorn!

WEBhWEBhhhhhWEBhhWEBhhhhWEBhhhObviously, a fellow “Who Head”!


WEBjShe is thinking ahead!


WEBlWEBllMoi aussi, Mademoiselle, moi aussi….!

Check it out, the show is definitely worth seeing.  It will touch your heart, and give you hope for the future!

Thank you…Merci…Rosie’s Girls!




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