“My Spirit Dances”

“Nufa Gukuru”  My Spirit Dances

“A performer without compare,

never dwells in the excellence.

Humbly imprint this life lesson

deeply into your heart.”

Ryuka poem by Yuko Majikina Sensei

WEB1akiStage curtainAratani Theatre

This past Sunday, My husband and I had the opportunity to see “Nufa Gukuru” – My Spirit Dances, at the Aratani Theatre, in the Japanese American Cultural &  Community Center of Los Angeles. A beloved in-law’s Mom, a master of the form, was performing, with other masters, and a number of students, and musicians.

Needless to say, it was an extraordinary, magical experience.

WEB2akiIt was a treat to watch  her,


WEB4akiso beautifully,

WEB5akiin a form

WEB6aki deeply rooted in Okinawan history, culture, geography, and tradition.

WEB8akiThe group performances, highlighting the abilities and artistry of various dancers, were entrancing.

WEB9akiFlowers were presented

WEB91akiand all were celebrated: dancers, musicians, theater technicians, and the audience!

Unforgettable. Especially meeting the beautiful dancer after the show.  Thank you, to all who made this magic possible!

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