BookLand = FairyLand

BookLand = FairyLand

In a class called “Fairy Tales!” bookmaking becomes fairyland.

Students aged 4-6 draw fairies and other magical images on the “Fairy Glen Drop Cloth”, listen to Fairy Stories, and create wondrous books out of beautiful and fun materials.  The results are well, magical!

WEB8Accordion folded book…in pink.

WEB4These fairy-like girls depicted are the artist and her best friend.

WEB1We know who this “folded fan book” is for!

WEB2Three friends grace a page of this young artist’s “Flag Book”!

WEB3This patient and devoted young makers loves putting together collections of like materials and shapes.

WEB6Portfolios handmade out of humble file folders bound together with colorful shoelaces become magical….


WEB7and whimsical, festooned with ribbon, stickers and drawings.

WEB9To the right our “Fairy Glen” can be glimpsed…but it is the young bookmakers who truly cast the spell on this classroom and transform it into an art studio of creativity and enchantment.

The Studio defined…a magical place of wonder and transformation…

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