The Artists Among Us

“The Artists Among Us”

Teaching an acrylic painting workshop for adults…living in a  building owned and operated by the Community Corporation of Santa Monica (CCSM) is a rewarding experience. CCSM, in its own words, “….is a locally based, non-profit organization committed to developing and managing affordable housing in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. A key mission of the organization is to provide housing to lower wage working families.”

 WEBa1   Each artist has their own unique style. Some, like the above, jump right in, apparently fearlessly, without any sketching or practice.

WEBcOthers focus on color, and what they can create  through mixed and discreet hues.

WEBeStill others combine color, texture and symbol to bring the message home.

WEBf  Or, create a sense of space and expansion.

WEBhSeeing them all together, one marvels at the variety, beauty and uniqueness of human expression, and the resilience of soul and spirit.

Art rules.

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