F451 Alive and Well at Beyond Baroque…

F451 Alive and Well at Beyond Baroque…

I had the opportunity to participate in LA Marler‘s Big Read in LA 2016 “F451” event at Beyond Baroque in Venice, CA.

She created a “type-in”…with a concurrent exhibition of works relating to the themes explored by the great Ray Bradbury in his masterpiece “Fahrenheit 451”

WEBaLA Marler Type-In welcome.

     WEBb    The show was held in the Mike Kelley Gallery , and featured a signed typewriter belonging to beloved actor Tom Hanks.

WEBdTom Hanks typewriter and the works of  Scotto Mycklebust, LA Marler and Shepard Fairey.

WEBcc The Tom Hanks typewriter.

WEBeThe works of Debra Disman, Nancy Sadler, LA Marler and Kim Abeles.

WEBmLA Marler with one of her signature pieces.

WEBnLA Marler and photographer supporter!

WEBqThe work of LA Marler.

WEB2“Faber’s Book” —Debra Disman.

WEB4“Been Burnt B4” —Debra Disman.

WEBggThe work of Debra Disman, Robby Conal, LA Marler.

WEBvRobbie Conal…how topical.

WEBuKim Abeles, one of our most endearing LA-based visual artists.

WEBzKim Abeles and the wonderful actor Suzanne Voss.

WEBi Kim and Suzanne comparing notes.

WEBxSandy Bleifer‘s piece.

WEBkSandy with her piece.

WEBlLouise Ann (LA) Marler “womans” the silent auction table.

WEBoAppreciation and


WEBrThe work of Debra Disman and Nancy Sadler.

WEBtNancy Sadler‘s piece.

WEBs The work of New York-based Scotto Mycklebust

WEBwThe inimitable Shepard Fairey shares the wealth.

Thanks Louise…for putting this all together!

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