Le Papier V

Le Papier V


Side-bound book, repurposed paper, cloth, paint chips, vellum (?) and cord.

“Maggie’s Book”
“Folded fan” flag book, repurposed brochure, vellum (?), photo corners, brochures and postcards.


Le Papier IV

Le Papier IV

When a discarded placemat just screams “book”

Single signature binding

Side bound book made from packing material, twisty ties and jute.

Le Papier III

Le Papier III


A Flag Book


Opened, covers folded

Opened, covers unfolded


Le Papier II

Le Papier II


Envelope book with accordion fold pages.
Repurposed paper, print media and ribbon.

Lost Girls OK Group

Lost Girls Falling

Moments Become Absurd

Discover I Think I Can

It’s Everything

I am the vulnerable girl



Le Papier I

Le Papier I

Side stab binding…repurposed materials…emptying the mind…instinctual movement

Faber’s Book, repurposed cardboard, repurposed paper, hemp cord, tissue, pencils, matchbook

Fixing Broken Hearts, repurposed cardboard, repurposed paper, hemp cord, tag, print media

Full“, repurposed cardboard, repurposed paper, hemp cord