Celebrating Sky…

Celebrating Sky…and that’s it

Cumulus Clouds…lots of them

Brilliant Silhouette

Flaming Sunset Moon

Cooler Sunset Moon

Punctuated by Palms

Clouds Moving over Wilshire

Heavenly Light

Clouds Laying Low

Our beloved Legion of Honor…part of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Halcyon Days: San Francisco

Halcyon Days: San Francisco. A PictoPoem

A love poem to my home of so many years…

Palace of the Legion of Honor, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Land’s End, Sun Shining

The Presidio, Sun Rising

The Richmond District, Sun Setting

Land’s End, Fog

Legion of Honor Arch

Obama street

Celebrating YOU,  San Francisco!

Thank You for the beauty, inspiration, healing, energy, experiences, and opportunities over so many years.

Thank You for embracing me, and setting the stage for me to work so hard, and learn so much.

I remember You, I love You, and I will visit You in future halcyon days.

See You later!