2014…Here We Are

2014…Here We Are

Wishing all of You…All of Us:


For 2014 and Beyond!

Peace be with You!


Life Lessons from Lillian

 Life Lessons from Lillian

Last week I had an amazing experience.

While grocery shopping, I had an exchange with a lady named Lillian who was doing her shopping from a motorized cart. She shared with me that she was 91 years old (plus one month), and had all her “marbles”. She certainly does, and then some.

I was shocked.  Her eyes were bright and clear, her voice strong, and she had a wicked sense of humor.  She exuded life force.

What is the secret, I asked her, to being so vital at that age?

Her answer blew me away in its forthrightness, clarity and simplicity.  I paraphrase:

“When I was in my 80’s,” she said, “I identified three things that must be done daily, and after I turned 90, I added a fourth.”

Wow. What were these things that could help to sustain such energy, such engagement, such vitality, at such an age.  I wanted to know.

So, I asked her, and  this is what she said:


“Every day you have to learn something new.”


“Every day, and the most important one, you have to have humor, and you have to spread humor.”


“Every day you have to do a good deed, even if you only pick up a piece of trash and throw it away.”


“And then I added a fourth one; every day you have to be thankful for something.”

And she added…

“Now, if you can do all four of those before 9:00 in the morning, then you can screw up for the rest of the day.”

(Like I said, this lady  packs in a wicked sense of humor…)

Thank you Lillian, for doing the good deed of teaching me something new, with great humor, and endowing me with the spirit of thankfulness.  I won’t forget you, nor your life lessons. May you live long, and prosper, practicing your four  maxims every day, and inspiring us to do the same.

Ready, Set, GO, ARTISSIMA!

Artifactory  Studio, Decorative Painting, Faux Finishing and Murals


The Blog of ArtiFactory Studio

First official WordPress blog post…entering this brave new world of blogging.

Welcome to the fledgling blog of ArtiFactory Studio: “Artissima“: a platform to offer information, ideas and inspiration through the medium of Decorative Painting, I look forward to sharing with YOU: fellow artists, creative entrepreneurs, small business people, and the world in general.

“Artissima” is in the process of development. Please stay tuned as the ArtiFactory Studio team becomes educated about this process! We are looking forward to a wonderful collaboration with graphic designer Dianna Jacobsen of Jacobsen Design.

I am honored to have the opportunity to play the “Color Muze” for Artistically Speaking Radio, hosted by Rebecca Parsons and Lyna Farkus on Blog Talk Radio. Starting May 23rd, I will be sharing color tips geared to the decorative painter, faux finisher and muralist each third Sunday of the month, at 7:15 pm, EST (4:15pm PST!!!) Join us! To listen: www.blogtalkradio.com/artisticallyspeaking

ArtiFactory Studio was thrilled to be interviewed by Carolyn Edlund, the owner and author of“Artsy Shark” a blog for emerging artists. Our hope is that the interview will support developing “artrepreneurs”.   Please share with us:   part one, and  part two

From the digital presses: New Bay Area Women’s Journal Article on the best place for Decorative Painting. Hint: EVERYWHERE!

The Bay Area Women’s Journal (“BAWJ”) is an easy to read online publication by, for and about not only women, but also men that inspire, encourage, and educate us to live our own best lives. The BAWJ has launched a Subscription Campaign for 2010. For every person who signs up to receive the BAWJ via e-mail, the BAWJ will donate a can of food to the SF Food Bank. So if you haven’t already,please sign up to receive the BAWJ via e-mail.  You can do that here  www.bayareawj.com/subscribe and of course if you feel inclined, please invite your friends etc. to sign up! Check it out! The official launch of the new digital San Francisco Bay Area Women’s Journal magazine! PREPARE TO BE INSPIRED!

Further BAWJ articles exploring the art and business of Decorative Painting:
















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You Should Know About: Cre8tive Compass website, magazine, and radio show!
Cre8tive Compass is a decorative artists’ online magazine and community, and a
marvelous resource for finishers, muralists, and artists/artisans of all kinds, with a special focus on the business of art..

I was honored to be interviewed by Rebecca Parsons and Lyna Farkas of Artistically Speaking Radio on March 7, 2010. I hope that the art and business ideas we discussed will be of support to YOU! Other ASR shows may also be of interest.

Please share the recent newsletter of the talented web/graphic designer, Dianna Jacobsen, in which she gives us a peak into her design process through an interview with me about the development of ArtiFactory Studio’s graphic business identity.

For the latest ArtiFactory Studio news, updates and shares, please visit My Facebook Profile. Join my GRATiTUDES project on TWITTER.  I love to share with you- not only my own work, tips and process, but those of my friends, associates, and colleagues as well!

Let us share the wealth, of our hearts, minds, skills, and experience…and the gifts of our creative imaginations.

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I look forward to sharing more with you in the future. Please stay tuned, and check back!