Traveling between the covers…

Long stitch multi-signature book…with button…learned from the great Jeannine Stein.

WEB1Signatures are gatherings of folded pages that nest inside each other.

WEB2Here you can see the six signatures clearly!

WEB3A bit of unexpected “paging” …vintage recipes…

WEB4sheet music…

WEB5and upside-down maps provide moments of surprise and pause.

Flag Book with Found Writing,  designed as an inspirational sample for teen students.

WEB1Vision Book…

WEB2“Take action…Like Nothing Else”

WEB3The movement of the book  makes malleable meaning of its words.

WEB4Type faces and fonts work with color

WEB5to underline the meaning…or create new meaning.

“Double Fan Book”,  a model for a life-sized “Big Book” that could be used as an presentation space.

WEB1Covers and pages fan out from an accordion spine,

WEB2creating spaces between them.

WEB3“Windows and doors” are cut into the planes of the corrugated cardboard surface, creating more moment and views.

web4The parts are stitched / lashed together with hemp chord.

WEB5The piece is designed to draw attention to the parallels between books and architectural spaces, and explore the connections between them.

I hope you enjoyed this  Book eSCAPE, and  join me again to travel between the covers and through the sheets…of cardboard and paper of course.