Booking Cubism: Making a Picasso-Inspired Flag Book

Booking Cubism: Making a Picasso-Inspired Flag Book

Inspired by the innovative artist  Pablo Picasso  and the  Cubist   style he pioneered with Georges BraqueCREST Enrichment students from kindergarten through 5th grade made Flag Books, and added special features (literally, features!) to reflect the fractured faces and images which dominated Picasso’s oeuvre during his Cubist period.

WEB3AI took photographs of the students faces, sized them, and printed each out on a page of blank white mailing labels. Students were then able to peel off different parts of their image, and put them onto the flags in their books. This young artist adds color to the black and white photographic images she has arranged in her book.

WEB4BAbove, the photographic portrait printed on the labels may be providing guidance to this young artist as she works on her Frida Kahlo-inspired self portrait.   Here the young artist can see her own rendition of her portrait, as well as the photograph of her face printed on labels. Her flag book is seen to her left.

WEB9a1This proud young artist shares his finished flag book, front,


WEB9b1and center.

WEB3Parents and other family member joined us for our “Last Class” event of the session, and helped adhere the “portrait” labels to the flag book kinetic pages, which move from side to side when the book is pulled opened and pushed shut.  The flags make a satisfying flapping sound, too!

WEB9bThis devoted young artist displays a stunning sense of color, as well as design!

WEB6bHere, father and son work on the first grade student’s flag book, together.  What could be better?!

BookLand: The Books!

BookLand: The Books!

Young Students Making Books

WEB1Long Flag Book!

WEB92Pink cover complete with feathers.

WEB91Friendship Flag Book with feathers, “jewels”, and a tiny blue “person”.

WEB93Flag Book with names of classmates.

What will they do next?!

BookLand: The Classroom Becomes Studio

BookLand: Classroom Becomes Studio

Setting up the room before the Open House for the Summer School program in I am honored to teach for…All about making books..all the time.

WEB1Handmade books galore on display for parents and students to see, and get a sense of what we will be making.

WEB3Exploring the accordion fold…accordion books, “fan” books, flag books…


WEB5Light on Books.

WEB6“WOW THE SUN”…(text put together by a wonderful student with left-over letters last summer)

WEB7Double Flower, Double Fan and Triangle Books…with variations on the Flag Book.

WEB8Samples for “Steampunk: The Book!” class, for students going into 6th, 7th and eighth grades. Talk about time travel…

WEB8aSewn single and multiple signature books, The French Link stitch, felt made from recycled plastic bottles, and repurposed jewelry and ribbons.  Oh, and of course, the ever present hemp cord.

WEB8bAnother take on the Flag Book structure…textured covers and flag pages stitched with text.

WEB8cSamples showing use of zippers and laced edges…a hint of the medieval. Time traveling again. The small book to the left features the pamphlet stitch and incorporates the Turkish Map fold.

WEB9How much fun to set up all these materials…paper, paper and more paper, of assorted weights, colors and sizes.

WEB9aTools of the trade: scissors, clamps, clips, bone and wooden folders, glue sticks

WEB9dPiles of wonderful things, like

WEB9cStickers and ribbons and letters, oh my….

WEBft1Our “Fairy Glen” for Fairy Tales! class for our youngest students…entering Kindergarten and first grade.

WEBft2Through the window, beyond the “glen”, into the courtyard beyond.

It’s looking like a magical summer…here in BookLand, USA.