Gehry Unfurled: A Picture Poem

Gehry Unfurled: A Picture Poem

web7Frank O. Gehry is one of our most famous living architects.  NOT to be confused with another famous  Frank of architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright.

web5Frank Gehry, and his Los Angeles-based firm Gehry Partners, LLP, designed LA’s Walt Disney Concert Hall

web6The Disney Concert Hall unfurls across a downtown LA block like a giant sculpture.


20130512_164134It is artfully situated down the street from MOCA, The Museum of Contemporary Art of Los Angeles.

web3Moving around and through it’s voluptuous, curved exterior yields treasures.

web2The speckled stone of the lotus-like  sculpture is in stark contrast to the industrial sheen of the building’s stainless steel surfacing.

web1Incredible to look at, the surface created some issues with reflection, heat and glare, which were resolved, in essence, with a light sand.

web8This magical magnificence is here to experience and enjoy, by All.

Merci a Monsieur Gehry…making of LA, an astonishing play ground.

Meeting LA MOCA

Meeting  LA MOCA

A first-time visit to LAMOCA Grand Avenue yields treasure, magic, and happy surprises.  Who knew downtown could be so fun?


Nancy Rubins, American sculptor and installation artist, is handily represented outside.


A meditative room offering communion with Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns.


One of my faves, a Louise Nevelson sculpture silhouetted before a Jackson Pollack painting.


My fave man in black, silhouetted in front of meditative  Mark Rothkos.


Currently shown: Urs Fischer…welcome to his/our (?) world.


A show spread across the two downtown MOCA locations, and several galleries of MOCA Grand Avenue.


Culture disintegrates in a fascinating and visceral way…and its skeletons are revealed.


Beyond patina.


He has caught something…we have all felt like that,


and this.


Let’s hope this isn’t the sum total of the current  zeitgeist.


Here’s looking at you, kid.  Outside…playing with our perception of perception, perhaps.


Time for some lemonade, at Lemonade MOCA.

Check it out!!!

You just…never know.

Something might speak to You…and you… might speak back.