A Taste for Texture II

A Taste for Texture II

I have a passion for texture…don’t you?  Ideally texture you can actually touch and feel, but visual texture too. Texture, the quality of the tactile, “HAPTIC“…these inspired this body of work.

 Inspired to create a series of textural, textual, and textured Flag Books, I used a series of simple techniques to get the “haptic” feel I craved.

i think texture is like that. We crave it. The sense of touch is elemental. Primal. it is not enough to see or hear something we are drawn to.  We are compelled to feel it…one way or another.

web5I used torn scraps of tissue paper applied with no other then Mod Podge, to create the texture on repurposed cardboard.

web1The collaged strip of patterned paper is stitched with jute cord, which also holds a piece of repurposed bead necklace which is strung onto it.

web6The flags are cut from a stiff window shade-like material, and they are attached to an accordion folded spine, repurposed from a brochure about Richard Neutra‘s VDL House. The spine is covered with transparent fabric ribbon. The text: “A STITCH IN TIME SAVES 9“, is, yes, stitched on to the flags with hemp cord.  It is also the name of this piece.

WEBaaFor the piece, “Narrow Bridge“, a similar process was used, with collaged images on the front, punctured by slightly uneven stitches that add another layer of both visual and tactile texture to the surface of the front and back covers.

WEBdThe repurposed cover boards were were textured with torn tissue paper, and adhered with Mod Podge, and a thinner tissue was used to add solidity, strength and presence to the tagboard accordion spine.

WEBfThe same window shade-like material was used for the flags, which are stitched (embroidered?) in linen thread with the text, “”The whole world is A narrow bridge The important thing is not to Fear“–the essence of which was penned by the great Reb Nachman of Breslov  The inside covers are collaged with fabric scrap.

WEBb“Thin Ice” wears its title on its back cover. The repurposed cover boards are textured with crumpled scraps of brown paper bags, adhered, once again, by the inimitable Mod Podge. The accordion spine was textured and strengthened with torn tissue fragments, and the entire surface was painted in shimmering washes of silvery metallic paint.

WEBaThe front cover is stitched with a sort of maze, all stitching done with the thread pulled from the detailing on a decorative pillow that had seen better days. (Saved the pillow, repurposed the edging…)

WEBeThe text, or, messaging, “if you are going to skate on thin ice, you had better be able to walk on water”, is stitched to the flag pages (made from the same type of window shade-like material) with metallic thread, or cord.

Good advice, I think, for any of us…

Books1: Gossamer Wings: Books Which Waft

Books1: Gossamer Wings:Books Which Waft

In my obsession with,  as one roommate put it many years ago, “Putting things to use”, (“Debra, one thing I really admire about you is how you put things to use!”), I set aside that which I don’t use or recycle…and create from it other things.

As I continue my exploration and experimentation with bookmaking as a vehicle of expression, transformation and communication, I find myself playing with the simplicity of stitching, and layering materials in new ways to capture or transmit a feeling. The materials themselves are layered with meaning…

WEB1Gossamer Wings: brown paper, glassine (I think…this semi-sheer material just sort of came my way and I responded to its expressive potential), paint chips, a piece of found fabric (at Trash for Teaching in LA),  a piece of “scrapbook” paper from a pad, (from Michaels, I believe), and 10lb 100% natural  hemp cord.

WEB2It opens gently.  It wafts.

WEB1Maggie’s: more glassine (I think…again material that wafted to me from SAG…advertising academy award film nominees, because my husband Mark Henry Samuel is an actor, and in the Union…), exhibition announcements from old friend and painting teacher in France, the incredible artist Maggie Siner, and a brochure for architect Richard Neutra‘s VDL Studio and Residences. The accordion/concertina folded spine, and “fan” pages…create a…fan.  Which wafts.

WEB1PlaceMat: repurposed placemat with stitching, ledger paper from another era, and 10lb 100% natural  hemp cord.

WEB4The placemat cover provides stability, the lighter pages waft. Almost waft.  A slight breeze is required.

Waft  (not waffle) on!