Everything in the Garden: A Short Saga of Color and Light

Everything in the Garden: A Short Saga of Color and Light

WEB2Starting with a journey from the Inside Out…one extraordinarily light-filled early evening.  Sunlight beckons.

WEB3Sunlight floods the garden, causing my camera to capture what just might be a mini-UFO, standing out rad against the green.

WEB4Catching the roses blushing against stucco.  Compliments green and pink (“light red”) create old world charm.

WEB5Yellow windblown roses explode out of luxuriant green bushes. They seem to be reaching for something…moisture?

WEB6Red and white stripes hover shyly behind leaves.

WEB8A  twist of tendrils around a solo pink blossom.

WEB7Pièce de résistance du jardin…perhaps its highlight….this perfect peach rose.

WEB9Fresh and cool, these beautiful whites light our way home like stars when the sun sets.

WEB9aTo the purple side of pink.  These keep us in the Pink…and strike us pink at the same time.

WEB9cLines of moire…and shadow of palm fronds create optics on the wall…a trick of light, shadow, and the distance between things.

WEB9bA natural mural composition.  This arresting composition yearns to be painted.


Color Blossoms: Yellow

Color Blossoms: Yellow

webvSun Roses

web2_2Against bars

WEBfleurPink Blush

websAgainst black

Mar102012_8049At the table

webhYellow beauty

weblCompliments of the house


WEB2One yellow rose…

WEB6Spot of sun

webrrMagnificent markings

webuSun Flower

May your Day be Sunny and Bright…

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