LA Stories II: Siting Santa Monica

LA Stories II: Siting Santa Monica

Discovering Santa Monica, one site at a time…iconic, over-sized, whimsical, outlandish, commercial, many-faceted.  From beneficent Buddha heads, to unexpected Indians, from pop sound to gas station topiary,  expect the unexpected, and come along for the ride.

Pretzel Apparel, Third Street Promenade

Gas Station Topiary

Buddha Nature

Pop Sound

Incidental Indian

Car Planting, Bergamot Station

What unexpected sitings have YOU had recently?

If You so choose, please share them with us here.  We love to hear from You.

Remember, we are all siting this thing called Life, together.

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  1. Love, love, love all your discoveries. My son went to college at LMU down the road apiece. When visiting, I would always head to Venice. (A tad funkier than Santa Monica.) First stop, Abbott’s Habit for a little joe. Great shops up and down the street, but the real magic is if you head up and down the side streets for garden and architectural delights. Have fun! Thanks for the inspiration.

    • You are so wonderful to read and comment! We will try to hit Abbott’s Habit in Venice this time…and stay tuned for more posts on So-Cal….where does your son live now? SO great to hear from you!

      • My son, Cory lives in Bangkok and my daughter, Alex just moved to Brooklyn, I’m headed east next week for a visit. Have fun in So-Cal mme. disman.

  2. We had such fun at Abbott’s Habit! Thank you chere EB, and have fun out east!

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