“Santa Monica Eats” (and makes books)

Santa Monica Eats” (and makes books)

As part of the “Santa Monica Eats” program at the Santa Monica Public Library, I taught participants how to create accordion fold books with pockets, to store treasured recipes. Or, any recipes. Or,  any thing.

The results were whimsical, elegant, beautiful, and always unique.

Music and butterflies remind this maker of her recently departed mother.


and cutting.

Using file cards and stamps.

These friends displayed a great sense of design which

lcan really be seen in these close-ups.

Using washi tape and origami paper.

Beautiful color sense and

use of string.

Layering materials.

Creating together…reveling in paper!

Elegant  striking design.

She made it for her daughter.

Intensive work…

A triumvirate of librarians, two of whom designed the Santa Monica Eats program.

What a delicious experience!


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