“If You Remember, I’ll Remember” II

“If You Remember, I’ll Remember”

If You Remember, I’ll Remember”  an innovative group exhibition about cultural/historical memory  is currently at The Block Museum of Art At Northwestern University .

“If You Remember, I’ll Remember is an invitation to reflect on the past while contemplating the present through works of art exploring themes of love, mourning, war, relocation, internment, resistance, and civil rights in 19th and 20th century North America. This exhibition includes works by artists Kristine Aono (b. 1960), Shan Goshorn (b. 1957), Samantha Hill (b. 1974), McCallum & Tarry (active 1998-2013), Dario Robleto (b. 1972), and Marie Watt (b. 1967). By engaging with historic documents, photographs, sound recordings, oral histories and objects of material culture drawn from institutional and informal archives, these artists highlight individuals’ stories or make connections to the their own histories. Some make explicit links to events across time periods, while in others these associations are implicit.”

Marie Watt, recently featured in American Craft magazine and an artist I am fascinated with for her use of used textiles and stitching,  is showing stitched blanket pieces, some of which are collaborative such as Companion Species: Ferocious Mother and Canis Familiaris, (2017) below.

 Witness, (2015) below, is “drawn from a 1913 photo …of a First Nations, Quamichan, Potlatch, off Vancouver Island.” — Marie Watt